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Warmly Welcome by Mother’s Son Group Construction.

Myanmar is one of the vast regions in South East Asia. Myanmar’s adjacent countries are Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh forming border areas along each border. Its area is 696577 square kilometers, estimated to be the size of United Kingdom and France. It connects South Asia with West Asia. Myanmar has the highest potential to be the Commercial hub of the region and specially to become the communication artery of Asia. Therefore commercial, economic and industrial opportunities are there for the taking as a result of striving for all round development of the country. In achieving the purposeful goals of development, Mother’s Son Group Construction Company has constructed many modern structures beautifully executed using full service, competent designers, engineers and skilled workers in the role of one of the prominent players.

Our purpose is to upgrade “Living Standards” and with the intention to upgrade social standards we deal in construction, sale and interior as well as exterior decoration together with the following works in good faith and volition for service.

In 1982 all of two story-buildings constructed were sold. Mother Land Construction was established in 1995 together with elder brother U Tin Myint. The good will of the company is well pronounced due to our utmost endeavor which is rewarded by complete satisfaction and patronage of our clientele old or new, proven in construction of new buildings, high-rise and low residential apartments and housings, as well as home decorations since 1982.

Mother’s Son Group Construction Co., Ltd

With the intention to accelerate the momentum of our tasks, Mother’s Son Group Construction Co., Ltd was founded. Construction and sale of buildings started on the (13th) of October, 2008 when the company was registered with Directorate of Companies, Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, bearing Registration No.884/2008-2009 in its name.

Mother’s Son Group Trading Co., Ltd

Mother’s Son Group Trading Co., Ltd also was registered with Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development; Directorate of Investment and Companies, the serial number of registrations is 907/2009-2010-dated 2010, September, the 28th. This Company exports agricultural and plantation local produces and imports construction materials, electrical and electronic goods, Vehicle, Machinery and spare-parts, paper, stationery and photographic goods for sale through agents to the satisfaction of customers with adequate services at fair prices.

Office of Construction Company is located at No. 490, Thein Phyu Street, Kan Taung Ward, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon. The branch of the Sale Centre is also located in No.453, Thein Phyu Street, Kan Taung Ward, Mingalar Township, Yangon.  Mother’s Son Group Construction Co., Ltd undertakes construction of condominiums, high-rise and low apartment buildings, one unit individual houses, factories, workshops, schools and hospitals in PAE (outright payment) systems and apartment transfer systems in addition to interior/exterior decorations, maintenance of ancient buildings having archeological value as cultural heritage and renovation of mega-structures employing our work-force of experienced and competent engineers as well as skilled workers to the satisfaction and demand of Customers with an aim to cooperate in mutual interests and benefits with private companies, and ministries and any other construction ventures involving Government owned buildings, as we have obtained Constructor License No. (347) to work conforming to specifications and in consistency with rules and regulations prescribed by Yangon City Development Committee and CQHP.

In accordance with the guidelines by the Head of State to develop Construction sector synchronously with the building of a modern and advanced Nation and to communicate and cooperate with international organizations, our company is firmly determined to participate in the following tasks in unity to the fullest of our caliber as well as capacity:

– Development and prosperity of the Nation;
– Participation in all round development of rural and urban regions as a building block in accord with instructions by State Peace and Development Council;
– Creation of new projects by own investment, mental and physical capabilities for job opportunities of National Peoples;
– Development of social and living standards of National Peoples.

And we are confident that we shall be working hand in hand and abreast with ASEAN countries in various development fields of political, economic and social sectors.
Commencing the 13th of October 2008, the main management posts of company were assigned and organized as follow.